Student Union @ Houston Hall

Houston Hall         Student Union @ Houston Hall 3417 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19104

Student Union @ Houston Hall

Daily 8:00 am – 12:00 am

Last Practice Room key signed out at 7:30 pm

Built in 1896, the Student Union @ Houston Hall is the oldest student union building in the country. Today, this historic building remains the center of campus life–a place where students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests gather for social, recreational, educational and cultural activities. After a multi-million dollar renovation project in 2000, The Student Union @ Houston Hall looks much like it did in 1896 but with all the modern conveniences. With fourteen special event spaces, multimedia technology, a food court, and vending and retail space, The Student Union @ Houston Hall is a conference center with character.

Explore rooms:


The Reading Room


Bistro Game Room


Second Floor Lobby


Main Lobby


Room 111


Class of ’47 Room


Morris Seitz Room


Griski Meeting Room


Rein Family Room


Platt Rehearsal Room


Bishop White Room


Brachfeld Meeting Room


Golkin Room


Ben Franklin Room


Class of ’49 Auditorium


Bodek Lounge


Hall of Flags

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